Thursday, June 17, 2010

ZOOM Digital Asset Management by Evolphin Software
What's Evolphin Zoom ?
Zoom is a revolutionary asset versioning & workflow solution optimized for large binary digital assets. With the fastest performance in its class, Zoom can cut asset storage cost up to 2000x.
Zoom makes it a cinch to instantly store, version, track, secure, review, approve, search, and, preview, a continuously increasing number of digital assets & their revisions, be it images, videos, documents, source code, Flash, 3D models, Adobe, Autodesk files, etc. Explore the resources below to find out how Zoom is taking the Asset Versioning & Workflow world by storm.
Why Evolphin Zoom? * Up to 50x faster - boost productivity * Up to 2000x disk storage reduction * Unbeatable security * ROI in days, not months * Visual workflow, tools Integration * Easy Setup & Admin

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