Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BlueFin Labs Promo

BlueFin Labs Promo from shelley kasli on Vimeo.

BlueFin Labs

For the first time, closing the audience feedback loop of mass media

People have always talked about what they watch on television, be it a show, a game, an ad, or a news story. Social media now makes it possible for audiences to voice their opinion publicly and frequently. The result is massive volumes of responses - people's expressions, if you will - spread across multiple social and digital channels. The data, being both rich in volume and disparate in nature, is difficult to capture at scale and even more difficult to make sense of. Bluefin has accomplished a breakthrough in this field by applying cognitive science research combined with large scale computing techniques to successfully and automatically link TV to social media.

Thus, for marketers and TV content producers, Bluefin's technology solves a problem that has eluded the TV industry for more than 60 years: how to close the audience feedback loop of TV mass media.
The most comprehensive undertaking of its kind

Today, the Bluefin technology platform has a view into over 3 billion public-facing social media comments each month, tied to a continuously growing video fingerprint archive of over 200,000 distinct airings of TV shows and commercials. Bluefin currently ingests and performs video fingerprinting of close to 50 U.S. TV broadcast and cable networks, with plans to achieve full coverage of the national TV market.
Early innovation partnerships uncover actionable insights

Bluefin is currently running exclusive private pilots with several Fortune 100 global brands, leading ad agencies, and TV networks.