Saturday, May 7, 2011

KeyStone Basement Systems Corporate Video

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KeyStone Basement Systems

We are Foundation Experts

We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners with foundation problems. Our thousands of happy and dry customers are testament to our award-winning basement waterproofing systems and service. Call or email today!

* Learn more about a leaky wet basement.
* Our state-of-the-art French drain system.
* Crawl space waterproofing & moisture control.
* Sump pump installation and service.
* Foundation reinforcement and reconstruction

Why More Homeowners Choose Us

Finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is challenging, but you’ll find that Keystone Basement Systems adheres to simple guidelines of respect, integrity, and responsibility. Showing up on time for appointments, performing the work that we contract to do, and standing behind our company warranty helps homeowners trust that we will be there when you need us. Homeowners should expect this, and we, as contractors need to earn your business.
Quality & Innovation

Our innovative and forward-thinking approach to designing products has solved wet basement problems that the basement waterproofing and crawl space industry has faced for decades, and our patented sump pump systems are the smartest and most reliable. Keystone Basement Systems Inc. employs top industry technologies by adapting them to your home. We do not parade a single “Patented Method” and try to force it on every foundation type and problem. Instead, we have access to all viable methods so that we can tailor a solution to fit your foundations needs. This approach ensures the best systems and solutions for our customers.
Foundation Contractors You Can Trust

You’ve definitely come to the right place to fix your basement! We work hard every day to change the way people feel about contractors – give us a call to discover why more people use and refer certified, licensed Basement Systems contractors to solve their leaky basement, foundation and crawl space moisture problems!

Urban Farming Guys Logo Animation

Who are we…..

the urban farming guys

We are the urban experiment…

We are the seed that died and went into the ground. We are about 20 families who have purposefully uprooted from out of their comfortable suburban homes and moved into one of the worst neighborhoods in Kansas City. We bought homes within a 5 block radius of each other and we put down our stake for the sake of the youth and the poor. What is going to happen to us … who knows, but this is certainly not some novelty idea, and please don’t try it yourselves without thinking it through. We are a band of revolutionaries. We don’t claim this is even a good idea…. it is our lives. We are cultivating the life of the innercity. The Police helicopter is our favorite bird. Neighborhood meetings are our drama. Dropping crime stats are our touchdown cheer. Just to see people walking their dogs around the block again is a sign of good things to come. Stay tuned, lots of adventure to come.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ellerin Türküsü

Ellerin Türküsü

Ellerin Türküsü, ustaların küçücük dünyalarında, çekiçle, iğneyle, mızrapla yarattıkları büyük eserlerin ele alındığı, şiirsel bir anlatımla dile getirildiği, unutulmaya yüz tutmuş el sanatı örneklerine yer verilen kültür ve sanat programıdır.

Program her Perşembe 23:00'de Ayşe ÖKSÜZ'ün yapım ve yönetmenliğinde Kanal B'de.. (


Ellerin Türküsü, masters, tiny worlds, with a hammer, a needle, they created great works mızrapla discussed, it was mentioned in a poetic words, instances of the forgotten art of hand the culture and the arts program.

Program her Perşembe 23:00 'de Ayşe ÖKSÜZ'ün yapım ve yönetmenliğinde Kanal B 'de .. Program every Thursday at 23:00 in construction, and directed by Ayse Oksuz Channel B 'in the .. (

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Al Volante Intro

Intro for the conventional Italian Motoring Magazine Show, Al Volante.